Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. (Mirna) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on microRNA (miRNA)-directed oncology therapies. The company was founded in late 2007 to accelerate the drug discovery and development program that began in 2002 at Ambion, Inc., The RNA Company, and was continued at Asuragen, Inc., a leading company developing diagnostic products based on RNA and DNA. Mirna has identified numerous tumor suppressor miRNAs that play key roles in preventing normal cells from becoming cancerous.

These miRNAs are reduced or lost in virtually all cancers. Mirna’s therapeutic strategy is to bring this tumor suppressor activity back into target tissue cells by administering mimics of natural miRNAs, an approach known as “miRNA Replacement Therapy”. The therapeutic miRNAs kill cancer cells by regaining control over multiple oncogenic pathways which represents a new paradigm in cancer therapy and has the potential to create more effective cancer drugs. Mirna demonstrated that replacement of one or more of these key miRNAs effectively inhibits tumor growth in animals, supporting the consensus that the systemic administration of miRNA mimics may be a clinically viable, therapeutic strategy.

Mirna is creating value by broadening its base of miRNA intellectual property, identifying new miRNA therapeutic targets, and advancing the development of several miRNA drug candidates into the clinic. Mirna’s oncology pipeline consists of 8 miRNA mimics, most of which have broad therapeutic utility in solid and hematologic cancers.

The company anticipates filing an IND in 1Q 2013 for its lead candidate, MRX34, and subsequent clinical testing in patients diagnosed with advanced or metastatic disease that show lesions in the liver. Mirna is pursuing partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to leverage its intellectual property and to expand the company’s development pipeline in oncology which includes traditionally structured drug discovery and development collaborations, research and technology collaborations, and intellectual property licenses.

The company’s intellectual property and research platforms also apply to diseases other than cancer, providing opportunities for partnerships outside the cancer space. Please contact us at [email protected] to inquire about partnering opportunities.